Venetian Wood Blinds

Venetian Wood blinds offer the versatility and style of normal venetians. Natural wood slats provide the opportunity to match other wood features in your home such as floors or furniture. The classical appearance of natural wood brings a sublime quiet atmosphere to your home and the shading potential enables you to create beautiful natural lighting to any room. Venetian Wood blinds are available in an impressive palette of colours from painted white through to natural walnut. Slat sizes include 25, 35 and 50mm. A 50mm slat generally lets in more light when open, than a 25mm slat.

Venetian Wood blinds, come with left hand matching cords to operate the angle of the slat, and the right hand cords to raise and lower the blind.
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Matching Pelmets

A matching pelmet comes with mitred returns, which helps when you view a Venetian blind from the side; it covers the side brackets, and continues the pelmet neatly around the top of the blind.

Stack back

Stack back is the term we use to describe the coverage of slats or folds, in Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds, or Roman blinds, when the blind is raised or pulled back.

With Venetian Wood blinds, the stack of slats are greater than an aluminium blind, because the slats are thicker, so this needs to be considered, as it may block part of the window when raised. Venetian woods can be fitted on the outside of the recess, and above the lintel to allow for a large stack back where a long blind is needed or the window is very small.

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Health and Safety

Care must be taken with hanging cords regarding young children, and vulnerable persons, due to the danger of strangulation. Cord tidies, or the shortening of cords where possible is recommended. A health and safety warning tag is enclosed with each blind, for your instruction, and appropriate fixings to avoid danger of harm.

Large windows look fantastic with Venetian wood blinds, but care needs to be taken when raising and lowering, due to the weight. Supporting the middle as you raise the blind helps to reduce the strain on the cord sets.


It’s easy to clean Venetian blinds. The best way is little and often. Close the blind so it covers the window and the slats are pointing down. Using a feather duster lightly dust in a downwards only motion. Reverse the slats, and dust upwards only, and your Venetian is clean! If your blind has become soiled, you may need to use a damp cloth on each slat. Alternatively an anti static washable, blind cleaner is available from us.

A large selection of bespoke wood venetians are available for 7 day completion.

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