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Pleated Blinds

If you’re looking for a blind which is neat, and doesn’t take up space on your window sill, look no further than pleated blinds. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of Pleated blinds which will complement any window arrangement. Pleated blinds are the simple solution to ‘no hanging cords’ and the small concertina pleating is very neat and compact. Pleated blinds are perfect for many different applications where space is limited, for instance where a door opens against a wall.

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Pleated Performance blinds

Pleated blinds don’t just look good at your windows, they perform! Most fabrics have solar protective coating on the outside, which reflect the sun’s heat, so your living area stays cool in summer. In the winter, Pleated performance blinds provide insulation, and retain heat, which cuts down on your fuel costs, and helps to keep your home warm. Pleated blinds come with blackout options, or light translucent fabrics.

Skylight Pleated blinds

Alan Ward Blinds Pleated selection, look great in skylight and Velux windows. They are fitted into the recess close to the window, so the blind follows the window when it is opened. Blackout options are often used to block out the early summer light, helping you to have an undisturbed night’s sleep!

Perfect Fit International Pleated Roof blinds

As well as looking good in the side windows of your conservatory, Perfect Fit blinds add an attractive display in the roof. Most of the heat gain or loss in a conservatory comes from the roof, especially if it is glass. Perfect fit International Pleated roof blinds offer the answer. No screws are used to support these blinds. They are secured with metal clips, which slide between the glazing and the rubber seal. Perfect Fit blinds are easily removed, at the turn of a screw, to make cleaning a quick and simple process.

Operation of the Pleated roof blinds, are via a simple clip and twist rod. Alternatively, your Pleated roof blinds, can be electrically operated, or via a crank handle at the base of each blind.

Perfect Fit pleated blinds are available with a white, golden oak, or a dark brown, Perfect fit frame, again held in with the invisible metal clips.


The best way to remove dust that may settle on the edge of the pleats of side window blinds, is with a feather duster. Lightly dust in a downward motion. Most Pleated blind fabrics can also be cleaned with a damp cloth, however, for dirt and fly stains use a sticky backed tape, like masking or sellotape, to remove the dirt and then a damp cloth. Care should be taken not to rub the fabric, and making smudge marks which will be difficult to remove.

We have a good selection of Pleated and Perfect Fit pleated blinds available for completion of your order within 7-days.

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